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Talk About Trailers

1. TRAILERS ON THE MOVE Movie trailers are no longer limited to the four walls of a theater.  TV previews are no longer limited to the same channel the show airs on.  Game trailers are not just a marketing tool but an instructional tool. All this complexity is...

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23 October
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Views vs. Viewers

Our new analytics provide two primary data points on trailer plays:  the number of views and the number of viewers.  Let's talk about what that means in terms of online trailers. Views  Views are pretty simple. Views equates to plays of trailers, previews, related videos. The IVA...

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14 August
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Announcing the IVA Charts

Each week dozens of new movie trailers go out to a potential worldwide audience of nearly 400 million people through IVA’s affiliate network and each month there are over 35 million plays. Over the years we’ve seen a high correlation between these user initiated trailer...

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07 November