Tablet Owners See the Most Movies and Cite Previews as Source of Info

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Yes, we love our tablets here at IVA, but now we love tablet owners too.

According to Nielsen NRG’s American Moviegoing Report for 2012, tablet owners attend 20% more movies in a year than the average movie goer.  Smartphone owners attend 9% more movies.

We love our mobile friends for another reason too:

 “Viewing previews is the most frequently cited source of online movie information,” according to Kathy Benjamin, Senior Vice President at Nielsen NRG. 

More stats on tablet owners

  • They saw an average 47 movies per year, 10 more than the average moviegoer
  • They spent 35% more on entertainment each month
  • They are 27% more likely to see a film more than once
  • They are 24% more likely to buy tickets to a film online

So, friends, if you’re still thinking about making your previews optimized for mobile, think about these tablet owners, and then get movin!

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