Theatrical API

Theatrical API

Theatrical API

The newest, hottest, most engaging content on the Internet is theatrical and coming soon movie trailers. IVA’s Theatrical APIs give you access to this specific subset of our vast catalog making it easy for anyone to enhance their product or service by adding movie trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes, and interviews as well as production photos, poster art, and metadata for movies in theatrical runs. Personalized links to availability and ticket sales now included.

Inside the numbers

Titles selected are based on US release dates.

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Key Theatrical Data Points

Providing additional metadata from multiple sources allows customers to make better and more sound programmatic decisions. Sign up for a free trial account and take our Movie Data Demo for a test drive.

Movies In Theaters API Returns a list of IVA Movie IDs for movies currently in US Theaters.
Movies Coming Soon API Returns a list of IVA Movie IDs for movies with a US Release Date in the future.
Title US title of the Movie
Availabilities An array of availability data including title, provider, type, delivery method, price, country, expiration, and direct links to purchase tickets.
Videos An array of Videos including trailers, behind the scenes, clips, interviews and more, including video asset specific metadata like thumbnail/screen captures, encodes, copyright owner, type, duration, languge spoken, language subtitled, and more.
Images Array of photos and posters including type, size, tags, primary flag, violence score, and sexuality score.
Contributors an array of the cast members, directors, producers, and writers involved with the film as well as their roles and character names
Genres An array of genres assigned to the movie.
Releases An array of releases including the date, type, country and certification.
Descriptions An array of descriptions including official studio descriptions as well as descriptions from additional sources.
Original Title Original Title of movie in the original language.
Alternate Titles Alternate titles of a movie in various languages.
Original Release Date Original US Theatrical Wide Release
Year Year of Release
External Ids ID’s of the same title in different databases such as Facebook, IMDB, Wikipedia, TMDB, etc
Original Language Language of the original work.
Revenue Reported box office revenue
Budget Reported budget for making the film.
Runtime Total minutes of the movie.
Official Site URL The films official website.
Status Current state of the movie (In Production, Released, etc.)
Companies An array of companies involved in making or distributing the movie.
Tags A list of tags for the movie