Mobile Is Made-to-Order for Movie Marketers

  |   Research and Statistics

FandangoAppMultipleTrailers-300x244Hey movie marketers! Take a look at these just published numbers from Decision Fuel and the IAB about movie goers:

  • 56% said mobile phones were one of their preferred option for learning about new movies
  • 57% liked TV as a preferred option for learning about new entertainment
  • 50% go to the movies at least once a month and 18% go almost every week
  • 30% use their phones to purchase movie tickets

Now here are a couple of numbers that the IVA Number Nerds particularly like:

  • 34% list trailers as their preferred type of information on the phone
  • 42% of mobile movie fans want movie ads to include “video, sound, and photos”, (ahem we think this means trailers!)

IVA has taken all the work out of reaching movie fans on mobile: we have the distribution network, (recognize Fandango anyone?) and our videos are encoded to look fabulous on mobile phones.

Still trying to figure out your mobile design? We can even help there. Check out our Best Practices for Displaying Trailers on Mobile for some design tips.



Want to see the whole study on MobileMovieGoing from IAB? Done!