Millennials Love TV – Especially When It’s Online

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Millennials watch three times as much TV online as the rest of us  according to a study just released by the Digital Media Services unit of Verizon. Nevertheless, 41% of their viewing time is still going to live TV, so broadcasters don’t need to panic just yet. It is interesting to note that 31% of millennials are watching TV content from a smartphone.

                           So now we know why Verizon is paying attention.







Here are a few other fun numbers from the Verizon report.

Binge Viewing Yep, 80% of millennials are binge watching; 39% of millennials report that they binge watch frequently compared to only 16% of non-millennials. Just 4% of millennials don’t binge at all compared to 17% of non-millennials. The millennial binge viewing equates to 8.2 episodes compared to 6.4 episodes for non-millennials.

Second Screens A majority of millennials (65%) say they use a second screen while watching TV. That leaves about 30% of millennials who are into second screens in a significant way with 21% reporting that they very often use a second screen at least 76% of the time and16% report using the second screen about 50% of the time. This compares to non-millennials where 16% are using a second screen 76% of the time and 12% say they use it 50% of the time. Here’s what the millennials are doing on those second screens: posting to Facebook (75%), shopping (73%), posting to Twitter (49%), and reading ebooks (43%).

Social Media Besides posting on Facebook and Twitter while watching TV, millennials are also visiting community sites like Imgur, 4Chan, 9Gag, and Reddit.

Online Content 44% prefer current shows and episodes; 41% value high quality viewing (i.e. minimal pauses, interference and buffering); 37% prefer fewer steps between content selection and viewing

Games – Over 50% of Millennials are either regular or avid gamers.


To see the complete report from Verizon click here.