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Commitment to Sustainability Paying Off for Company & Customers


Haddon Heights, NJ   (February 5, 2010) – Internet Video Archive today announced that it is nearing completion of its initiative to go “green”.  Twelve months ago IVA’s management made a commitment to try to operate more sustainably.  Five areas were identified as presenting opportunities to go green.  The target areas were alternative energy, energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, and green purchasing. The company’s employees were enlisted in the effort to become more environmentally conscious.  The effort is already paying off in terms of reducing costs for the company while at the same time helping to create efficiencies for clients and suppliers as well as a healthier environment.

The green initiatives which were undertaken included the following:

Alternative energy

  • Solar panels were installed on the roof of the IVA offices.  The panels now generate enough electricity to supply nearly 50% of the company’s onsite needs.  The switch to solar has already reduced the companies CO2 emissions by 7000 lbs.
  • An investment in local wind energy offsets the carbon footprint of employee travel.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficient fluorescent lighting, new LED and CFL bulbs in offices.
  • New Energy Star air conditioners were installed.
  • Underutilized servers were eliminated
  • A conversion to cloud computing is now underway

Waste reduction

  • Recycling containers for glass, metal, and plastic were added to each floor resulting in a nearly 100% recycling of waste.
  • Recycling of ink cartridges, batteries, and electronics equipment.
  • Online banking and invoicing
  • Two of the company’s eight departments are now completely paperless, three more are 80% paperless, and the rest are 70% paperless.
  • Reusable plates, cups, and silverware replaced plastic and paper.

Water conservation

  • New low-flush toilets installed.
  • Water cooler replaced bottled water

Green purchasing

  • Increased online purchasing
  • Purchasing recycled products
  • Switched to environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Switched to tissue products from non-virgin timber.
  • Replaced napkins and paper towels with cloth.

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Internet Video Archive is the world’s largest distributor of online movie and TV trailers, game previews and music videos. With over 500,000 unique video assets from over 1000 content providers, IVA has established a reputation as the archive of record for audio visual samples. Meticulous data husbandry combined with world-class systems that are secure, scalable, customizable and cost-effective have lead hundreds of clients to integrate IVA into their entertainment ecosystems. The company also operates two consumer sites,  and , where user preferences and promotional concepts are tested.  Additional company information is available at .





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