How Do You Manage Movie, TV and Game Trailers and Clips?

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If you have writers reviewing or commenting about new movies, TV shows or video games, you want to embed a trailer or clip you can monetize with their article because it increases engagement AND advertising revenue.  BUT IT IS NOT SO SIMPLE.  Step one is finding the approved and authorized file.  Then you have to……

  • Download the file
  • Encode it into formats to reach every screen
  • Review encoding to ensure video and audio quality.
  • Create metadata about the title and the video asset
  • Hand select “hero shot” from video asset
  • Match the file with your database
  • Add to your CMS
  • Deliver content through your CDN
  • Store all the encoded files

All these steps require personnel time and trigger costs.  What if there was a service that did it all for you?  THERE IS.  Internet Video Archive….

  • Sources the content and already has the approvals
  • Offers a way to link to the video, saving you from setting up video delivery and file storage
  • Provides detailed metadata and images for all the videos and more
  • Offers detailed analytics on each video play
  • Has APIs so workflows can be automated
  • Is priced at a cost less than doing it yourself

Internet Video Archive (IVA) is the leading service for saving online publishers, retailers, theater operators and MVPD’s the time and expense of managing promotional videos.   No matter if you are already managing video or new to it, IVA can help.  With over 190,000 unique video assets and millions of records and images related to movie, TV and games, you will be able to fulfill your users’ interests in entertainment at a cost that is less than doing it yourself.

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