Five Hidden Costs for Using YouTube

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Adding YouTube embeds and links to your website, apps or service may sound great since it is “free” but as we all know, everything has a cost.  Here are 5 ways YouTube costs you…and thus five things you should think about very carefully before adding YouTube embedded videos to your online service.


  1. Loss of Control:  YouTube does not offer ad revenue sharing except for select publishers.  If you are a select publisher, you are almost certainly profiting less than if you were using IVA.
  2. No benefit to your SEO:  Adding an embedded video from YouTube will not give you a rankings boost, according to Google, but adding IVA’s data, video and images will.
  3. Broken links:  Every video you embed could be taken down without warning leaving you with a bad UX and customer experience. IVA offers strong SLAs and guarantees to ensure your users always have a great experience. 
  4. One of most blocked websites at work: A portion of your traffic might never see any videos at work and your engagement rates might drop during the daytime hours.
  5. Giving your traffic away:  After a video is viewed on your page, YouTube’s player offers other video content that links to the YouTube pages and siphons your traffic away.

Internet Video Archive provides over 5,000 hours of curated movie, TV and game trailers at no extra charge with its complete entertainment data service.  Our white-label service allows you to display movie and TV trailers and clips in your own branded player, monetize the plays with your ads and keep all the revenue.  In addition, your traffic will stay on your page and video plays will accrue to your traffic ratings. IVA gives you power and control to extend your brand and reach your engagement and revenue goals.

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