Getting Started Entertainment Express

This getting started guide is provided to help you determine which Entertainment Express Versions is right for your application as well as give you a good starting point on how to implement the API.


  1. For best results, you need to be working with one of the data companies listed here as Entertainment Express API uses 3rd Party IDs (like Gracenote, Rovi, IMDB, etc) to retrieve trailers.
  2. PAID or FREE?  IVA offers limited access to it’s data and video with rate limiting and advertisements.  If you need more than 1,000 requests per hour and/or want your own advertising then you need a subscription to IVA.

STEP 1: Create an Application ID

Application IDs allow you to customize the API response and are required for authentication.   Professional allows you to create as many Application Ids you want.   Standard is limited to one.



Log into and create a new Application Profile.  If you don’t have an account yet, contact sales for a test account.


Create an application Profile here.

STEP 2: Server Side or Client Side

Entertainment Express can be implemented completely using client side Javascript. The enpoints support CORS and return JSON to be easily parsed and displayed inside your UI.

Ideally, on your individual title pages you would include a call to Entertainment Express passing a 3rd party Id (ex: Gracenote/TMS ID for a movie) and Entertainment Express would return the matching Video Assets and you can display images, title of the asset and links to the videos.

When you add titles to your database with new IDs, the trailers would be displayed as soon as they are available without any additional coding.

Server Side implementations can be used with Entertainment Express.  In situations like this, you would likely set up a proxy to cache the results and render the images, title, and links to videos dynamically on the server, rather than client side javascript.   This offers more security as your token and Application ID are hidden from end users.

Step 3: Video Options

IVA offers video options for every platform and device including adaptive bitrates for next generation set top boxes and mobile devices,  baseline profile mp4 videos for compatibility with first generation devices and high definition 1080P video for visually stunning video at full screen.

Entertainment Express Standard (FREE) offers a cross platform iframe embed code that will work on all platforms.  It contains IVA’s branded video as well as Pre-Roll advertising.

Entertainment Express Pro includes direct links to all video formats (HLS, HDS, DASH, HSS, MP4,etc). These links can be used in your own player or can be used in the devices native player  (ex: IOS Media Player) directly.

Review the Encodes and EmbedCodes sections in the documentation to determine which API is right for you.

Step 4: Other Services

If you require Closed Captions, Custom Sized ImagesContent Management System, Customizable Cross Platform Player, or the ability to encode, host and serve your own content, you will need Entertainment Express Professional.

Step 5: Documentation

If you followed the steps you should have a good idea which Entertainment Express Version is right for you.

Entertainment Express Pro Documentation

Entertainment Express Standard Documentation