Pinpoint API

IVA is matched to many data providers. The methods for using Pinpoint API described below are an easy way to get the program or video asset information related to 3rd party data provider ID’s. If you are a Rovi, TMS, Gracenote, or Baseline subscriber IVA also has mapping tables that will link to IVA’s video assets. Use the links below to see more information.

The four methods described below all rely on IVA’s OData API. (Review the OData API 2.0 data dictionary to understand the fields and data returned from the AP). These methods accept an ID and ID Type for any ID’s IVA is matched to and will return IVA program and video asset information for the matching ID. Use the following table as a reference for ID Types that can be used with these methods.

Pinpoint ID Types

7AMG Movie46Freebase50Gracenote WorkTUI41Muze Games
8AMG Music33Gracenote51Gracenote WorkTUITAG65Rovi 2.0
38Baseline54Gracenote SeasonTUI12IMDB62Rovi Cosmo 1.1
44EIDR55Gracenote SeasonTUITAG68The Movie Database11TMS (Tribune Media Services)
18Fandango52Gracenote SeriesTUI14Muze Movie80TMS (Tribune Media Services) Root ID
32Flixster53Gracenote SeriesTUITAG48Muze UK Movie15UPC (API expects 14 digit number)

Note: Use your own developer ID for the queries below. If you do not have a developer ID, you can sign up for one online here, and they’re FREE! Enterprise customers should use the developer ID assigned to them by IVA.

Pinpoint ID Queryable Method for Getting Filtered Results for Video Assets

Use this method to get all the video assets for a title based on the 3rd party ID and filter based on information in the video asset details. This method can also return expanded Related Entities to the Video Assets Entity such as Target Country, Language Spoken, Language Sub-titled, Media Type, Encodes, Region Restrictions.

Example: This is a good method for getting the appropriate asset for a US audience. The filtering options allow you to filter out any assets that are expired, do not allow ads, require the IVA player, or are set “not to stream”. In this example, the results are ordered to give the default video asset first. This example queries “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ using the AMG ID v 516176 (The spaces need to be URL encoded).'v 516176'&IDType=7&developerid=dd9a9172-4fbd-469c-bc92-a0955e9bdd6b&format=json&$filter=cast((ExpirationDate gt datetime'2014-06-16T15:55:38.4898702-04:00' or cast(ExpirationDate eq null,'Edm.Boolean')) and cast(RequiresIvaPlayer eq false,'Edm.Boolean') and cast(OkToEncodeAndServe eq true,'Edm.Boolean') and cast(WarningFlag eq false,'Edm.Boolean') and cast(AllowAds eq true,'Edm.Boolean') and cast(cast(LanguageSpokenId,'Edm.Int32') eq 0 and cast(LanguageSubtitledId,'Edm.Int32') eq -1 or cast(LanguageSubtitledId,'Edm.Int32') eq 0 and cast(LanguageSpokenId,'Edm.Int32') gt 0,'Edm.Boolean'),'Edm.Boolean')&$orderby=DefaultVideoAsset desc&$expand=LanguageSpoken,MediaType,VideoAssetScreenCapture,RegionRestrictions,CountryTarget,LanguageSubtitled,Descriptions,Encodes

Pinpoint ID Queryable Method for Getting Title Information and Video Asset Information

Use this query to get back IVA’s data on the title as well as expand related entities to the entertainment program entity. This method allows you to pass extra parameters to expand related entities to the entertainment program entity.

Example: In this example we get all IVA data for the title along with the video assets for the movie “Seventh Son” using the TMS ID MV004870230000. This query also shows expanded results: video assets, description, director, screen capture, media type and release events.'MV004870230000'&IDType=11&developerid=dd9a9172-4fbd-469c-bc92-a0955e9bdd6b&format=json&$expand=MediaType,VideoAssetScreenCapture,VideoAssets,Description,ReleaseEvents,Director

Pinpoint ID Method For Getting Video Assets

Use this method to get all the video assets for a title based on the 3rd party ID. Pinpoint returns all the information about each video asset from the Video Assets Entity.

Example: This query returns all video assets related to the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” using Fandango ID 157231. You must parse the results to choose a suitable video asset.'157231'&IDType=18&developerid=dd9a9172-4fbd-469c-bc92-a0955e9bdd6b&format=json

Pinpoint ID Method For Getting Title Information

Use this method to get back information about the movie, TV series/season/episode, videogame, or music video in the IVA database.. This method contains only limited information about the main video asset. For proper implementation you will need the information from the video assets table. This method is good for matching just to the main IVA program for a given 3rd party ID. You need to make a second call to the OData API to get the video assets or use one of the other methods below.

Example: The query below returns information for the movie “X-Men: Days of Future Past” using the IMDB ID “tt1877832″.'tt1877832'&IDType=12&developerid=dd9a9172-4fbd-469c-bc92-a0955e9bdd6b&format=JSON

Next Steps

Once you have the published ID of the video asset you wish to use from the IVA database, you can use that ID with either our Cross Platform Player or our Video API to get the video.