Data Integration

Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Music have data in the marketplace that has a variety of uses, from the UPC code as retail, to the ID used for buying a movie ticket. Many IVA clients work with a paid data provider specific to their company’s business model, and need to have the third party data integrated with IVA data. Some companies use a publicly available data source like IMDB. Data integration with us is very simple because we match our published IDs to a variety of data provider’s IDs. If you don’t use a third party data provider, you can still access IVA Published IDs through OData API.

Data Partners

The table below lists the various databases that we match to. If your data is already matched to one of them you can use IVA’s Pinpoint in the IVA OData API to get our Published ID’s. Our Published ID’s are our unique identifier for an Entertainment Program. Once you have the Published ID you can use it to get all of the data as well as the video for that title.

Matched Data Providers

  • AMG Movie
  • Baseline
  • EIDR
  • Freebase
  • Gracenote
  • Muze
  • MuzeUK
  • Red Bee
  • Rovi – Cosmo
  • Rovi 2.0
  • Tribune Media Services (TMS)

Other Databases Matched to IVA (not 100% in all cases):

  • Fandango
  • Flixster
  • IMDB
  • MovieDB
  • Netflix
  • UPC

Using the IVA OData API

While having our data already matched to one of our preferred partners makes life easier, not everyone has access to a data provider. But you can still find the title data you want with the data points you already have by using the IVA OData API. Query the database for information such as Title, FirstReleasedYear, Cast, and Director to check if it matches to your information.