OData API 1.0

This is our Legacy OData API. New and existing clients should use our OData API 2.0 unless they are working with one of our preferred data providers.

What is IVA’s OData API 1.0?

IVA’s OData API 1.0 connects you to our huge library of video assets, our massive ever growing metadata collection, and our amassing number of images. Our video assets include: movie trailers, TV series, season and episode trailers, video game trailers, music videos and much, much more! Our data collection is expanding daily and our Web Service is designed to easily allow you to aggregate our data to your application or web site. IVA has partnered with one of the top companies, Microsoft, in cloud based computing (Azure) to run this data service to ensure that it is the most reliable, scalable, and portable system in the industry.

What types of data can I get?

  • Movie Titles
  • TV Series
  • TV Season
  • TV Episode
  • Cast
  • Available Formats
  • Release Events/Dates
  • Director
  • Country of Origin
  • Image Gallery
  • Album
  • Language
  • And Much Much More!

Click on an image below to see a diagram of the relationships of the tables to one another.

To the left is diagram showing the relationships between all the data entities in our system. Click to view a larger image and to save for reference later.

To the left is the same diagram as the other one just expanded to show the data available in each table and how they are linked.