ID Mapping Tables

Using the AlternateID Entity for Matching

The Alternate ID Entity inside of the OData 2.0 Data API is linked to the Entertainment Program Entity. This allows you to get back the 3rd party ID’s matched to each program with its information in one call.


LINQ: From e in EntertainmentPrograms.expand("AlternateIds/AlternateIdType, VideoAssets, Director, Description, ProgramToPerformerMaps/Performer, VideoAssets/Encodes, VideoAssets/VideoAssetScreenCapture, RelatedEntertainmentPrograms") where e.MediaId = 0 order by e.DateModified descending select e
URL:$filter=MediaId eq 0&$orderby=DateModified desc&$expand=AlternateIds/AlternateIdType, VideoAssets, Director, Description, ProgramToPerformerMaps/Performer, VideoAssets/Encodes, VideoAssets/VideoAssetScreenCapture, RelatedEntertainmentPrograms&format=json&developerid={yourID}

Use the results to match IVA programs and video assets to titles in your system based on the 3rd party ID’s. Ingest all the metadata associated with each video asset and update on a regular basis.

Using the IdMaps Entity for Matching

Mapping tables can be very useful when matching IVA Data to data in your own database.  Here is a list of mapping tables that are available through our OData API and how to get them.  These mapping tables will return the IVA Published ID, ID type, and the following corresponding ID’s.

  • IMDB – 12
  • UPC – 15
  • Freebase – 46
  • Fandango – 18

How To Get These Maps

Query the OData API for the ID Type for which you want a map.  The OData API returns 500 records at a time, so we advise you to implement some paging as shown in the example below.

Example:  Getting an IVA Published ID to IMDB Map skipping the first 500 records and getting the next 500.

Linq: (From i In IdMaps Where i.IdType = 12 Select i).skip(500).take(500) URL:$filter=IdType eq 12&$skip=500&$top=500&Developerid={yourID}

These maps will map the 3rd party ID to the IVA published ID of the same program.  Use IVA’s data API’s to get the video asset information for each program.  Programs can have multiple video assets and each video asset has important meta data around it that programmers should handle for specific to their project.

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