Data APIs

Step One in implementing IVA videos is to get the data you need by locating the Published ID’s for each title that you want. Getting the data you need is easy. We recommend using IVA’s Entertainment Express API which is available to all subscribers.

Entertainment Express – Recommended

Entertainment Express is designed for customers looking for a real time production API and using a 3rd party data source (Gracenote, Rovi, TMS, etc). The API returns a JSON response with matching video assets based on the 3rd party ID given. Entertainment Express Pro is fully customizable to return back the types of assets and languages you desire for your application. The Pro version also allows you access to all available video formats and embed codes as well as the ability to create multiple application keys for different applications. The Standard version is limited to one application key with a default setting and access to just our Ad Supported Free Trailer Player iframe embed code.

OData API 2.0

IVA’s OData API 2.0 connects you to our huge library of video assets and metadata collection. Our video assets include: movie trailers, TV series, season and episode trailers, video game trailers, music videos and much, much more! Our data collection is expanding daily and our API is designed to easily allow you to aggregate our data to your application or web site. IVA has partnered with one of the top companies, Microsoft, in cloud based computing (Azure) to run this data service to ensure that it is the most reliable, scalable, and portable system in the industry.

IVA Pinpoint API

IVA’s Pinpoint API is much like our Entertainment Express API.  Users considering this option should look at Entertainment Express first.   Use this API if you need to get back IVA’s meta data for a specific 3rd party ID.