DISH Adds Movie and TV Trailers From Internet Video Archive to Enhance Content Discovery

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Internet Video Archive (IVA), the entertainment industry’s leading online supplier of movie and TV trailers, today announced that it has incorporated its promotional videos into DISH’s Hopper 3, Joey, and interfaces. IVA’s large library of trailer content, APIs, and data matching enables DISH to deliver trailers to its subscribers.

Studies have shown that trailers and previews are the most important factor in a consumer’s decision-making process about what to watch. DISH subscribers now have the ability to easily view this content, enhancing their discovery experience. DISH’s Hopper 3 and 4K Joey interfaces also include theatrical trailers to inform users about upcoming titles and reminds them when those titles are available on DISH’s service.

Rhodes Mason, president of IVA says: “DISH has expertly implemented trailers into its user interface, which will help its subscribers navigate through a wealth of content. Trailers have been used by the movie industry for over a century to drive audience interest, and in the age of digital video, they have become an essential tool for content discovery and sell-through.”

About Internet Video Archive

Internet Video Archive (IVA) is the world’s largest online distributor of movie, TV, and game trailers.  A technology provider to Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, IVA has established a reputation as the archive of record for audio visual samples. Meticulous data husbandry combined with world-class systems that are secure, scalable, customizable have lead hundreds of clients to integrate IVA into their entertainment ecosystems.

Press Contact for Internet Video Archive

Robert Kelly

856-310-1981 x135