Brightcove Names IVA to Content Exchange Giving Customers Easy Access to Broad Library of Premium Video Content

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 20, 2012—Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), a leading global
provider of cloud content services, today announced the Brightcove Content Exchange initiative
to bring together a select group of Brightcove partners with large libraries of high quality online
video, including Diagonal View, Internet Video Archive, NewsLook, ScreenPlay Inc., and
Touchstorm, and make their content easily accessible to media publishers using the Video
Cloud online video platform.

The Brightcove Content Exchange initiative enables Video Cloud media customers to access
libraries of third party video content and execute advertising strategies around licensed content.
The initiative also offers participating Content Exchange partners streamlined access to new
distribution through Brightcove Video Cloud media industry customers around the world.

“Media publishers know that the breadth and depth their content library directly influences
their success with online video since more content attracts more viewers, brings them back
more frequently, keeps them engaged for longer periods of time, and makes a site more
discoverable by search engines,” said Chris Johnston, director of technology partnerships
at Brightcove. “Most media publishers have limited resources to scale in-house video
production, making it prohibitively expensive to satisfy viewer’s constantly-growing appetite
fresh content. The Brightcove Content Exchange initiative makes large amounts of relevant,
professionally-produced video content easily available and facilitates multi-party revenue-
sharing arrangements.”

Brightcove Content Exchange partners have already stocked their Video Cloud accounts
with broad libraries of video content across hundreds of categories including news, sports,
entertainment, and how-to. Brightcove facilitates the business introductions between Content
Exchange partners and other publishers so the two parties can transact directly for licensing
agreements and advertising revenue economics.

Video Cloud’s unique Media Sharing capability then allows content to be shared between
content partners and specified publishers, enabling the content owners to retain essential
controls while giving publishers the ability to determine how and where the content will be
published. Brightcove has also introduced new APIs for Video Cloud that enable content owners
to un-share content when needed and make it easy for publishers to identify the owner of each
video. Brightcove has also introduced new APIs that allow publishers to dynamically change the
ad source within their video player to facilitate sophisticated revenue-sharing arrangements for
licensed content.

Flagship partners in the Content Exchange include:

Diagonal View offers a vast library that includes contains more than 1.6 million hours
of professionally-produced video content from Reuters, ITN, Getty, Fox News and many
others. The video library adds thirty hours of new content every day. The company also
has access to other important archives, including WENN Images, Big Stock Images,
AudioNetworks, and more.

Internet Video Archive is the entertainment industry’s leading aggregator of online
movie and TV trailers, game previews and music videos. The company has more than
half a million unique video assets from more than 1,000 content providers around the

NewsLook offers an extensive database of more than 25,000 news videos across
many categories, all vetted by experienced journalists. The company’s collection grows
by more than 100 videos each day including content from the world’s leading media
outlets. NewsLook’s content is brand safe for advertisers and garners extremely high
engagement from viewers.

ScreenPlay Inc. aggregates and distributes one of the world’s largest catalogs of
promotional video content, including movie trailers, music videos, and game trailers.
With an expanding library of more than 100,000 unique assets, ScreenPlay delivers
more than 100 million streams worldwide each month.

Touchstorm will deliver high quality video content addressing a wide range of
lifestyle-based topics through its consumer-facing brand Content topics
determined using Touchstorm’s proprietary Search Revelator® product will allow new
videos to be produced based on active consumer search habits. The Content Exchange
will provide Brightcove’s publishing partners with access to Howdini’s premium, info-
based content, optimized to rank exceptionally high in major search engines and engage
viewers through content produced with high journalistic standards.

“The Brightcove Content Exchange will allow publishers easy access to a massive range of
video content,” said Matt Heiman, founder of Diagonal View. “We are seeing numerous inquiries
for our content every day and Brightcove’s automated access process will potentially bring us
many new partners.”

“IVA has delivered over 4 billion trailers to an affiliate network of over 400 million fans,” said
Rhodes Mason, vice president of Business Development for Internet Video Archive. “Our
participation in the Brightcove Content Exchange makes it easy for Brightcove clients to
instantly take advantage of the popularity of entertainment online.”

“We know how challenging it can be for publishers to manage video content and expand
their inventory with relevant content,” said Fred Silverman, CEO of NewsLook. “Being part of
Brightcove’s Content Exchange enables us to seamlessly deliver premium content from more
than 50 providers directly into Brightcove Video Cloud accounts.”

”The value of a publisher’s online video library grows with its scale, and we are able to help
publishers achieve scale through our vast library of promotional video content,” said Michael
Ziegenhagel, CEO of ScreenPlay. “By joining the Brightcove Content Exchange, we’re enabling
publishers to grow their online video business more quickly and achieve the next level of

“As publishers continue to increase their reliance on video content, the quality and engagement
levels of that content becomes a key differentiator for them, particularly as major search engines
begin to favor premium content,” said Alison Provost, chairman and CEO of Touchstorm. “We
could not be happier that Brightcove chose us to provide their publishing network with more
options for quality online video content.”

For more information, download the new whitepaper, Increase Quantity to Build Your Online
Video Success [HYPERLINK]. Brightcove will also hold a special Content Exchange webinar on
March 28th. For more information on the webinar and to register, visit [LINK].

The Brightcove Content Exchange is now available to qualified Video Cloud Pro and Enterprise
edition customers. Some conditions apply. Please visit the Brightcove Content Exchange
page [hyperlink to landing page] for more information on how Video Cloud customers can take
advantage of the initiative and how prospective content partners can apply to join the initiative.

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