Rhodes Mason Named President of Internet Video Archive

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IVA’s Top 40 Movie Trailers for 2014

IVA's Top 40 Trailers for 2014This year there were over 800 movies released theatrically in 2014, which means IVA was hard at work distributing trailers for those films along with clips, scenes, samples, and cast interviews to our clients.  Here's our Top 40 trailers for...

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31 December
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Take the Santa Movie Challenge

    Ho! Ho! Ho!     How well do you know your Santa movies?  See if you can guess the movie in which each of the Santa's below appear.   Answers below the fold.   Think you got them all?  Check your answers below. So how'd you do?   Whether you're...

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24 December
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IVA Year in Review: 2014

  It's A Wrap! This year we worked closely with our clients, and particularly with MVPDs, to help them, and their audiences, get the most out of the trailer experience.  It's part of our emphasis on 'Content As A Service'.    Here are the year's highlights from...

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23 December
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Cord Cutting Tops 13 Million Households

A new report from The Diffusion Group, "Pay-TV Refugees, 2014" finds that about 14% of broadband subscribers don't have a traditional pay-TV service.  That's up from 9% in 2011 and reflects the steadily increasing popularity of direct-to-consumer streaming video services.  TDG predicts that residential broadband...

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04 November