Author: Pam Horovitz

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Broadband Kept Growing in 2013

Ah the IVA Number Nerds found some numbers that kept smiles on their faces again this week. Leichtman Research Group's latest report on broadband shows that 2.6 million additional high-speed Internet subscribers were added in 2013 among the 17 largest U.S. cable and telco providers....

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18 March
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Rob Kelly, IVA’s Comic Book Hero

Rob Kelly was recently profiled by Kevin Riordon of the Philadelphia Inquirer in conjunction with his newly published book "Hey Kids! Comics!".  It's a great article with a nice mention of IVA.  Read on! KEVIN RIORDAN, INQUIRER COLUMNIST POSTED: Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 1:07 AM Rob Kelly remembers reading Aquaman in the...

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25 February
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Meet George Jetson

George Jetson's home of the future may be closer than we realized. The value of the 'smart home' market will reach $71 billion by 2018 according to Juniper Research in a  study  they released this month.  Moreover, the UK- based researchers assert that entertainment will be...

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18 February