Author: Pam Horovitz

  |   Best Practices

Video Makes Websites Sticky

Anybody who has been involved in designing websites has heard the buzzword "sticky" tossed around for years.  It's a catchy way of describing a site that grabs and audience and holds on to them.  Increasingly, the experts include video as one of the keys to...

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28 July
  |   White Papers

Time for Total Video

ComScore has just released a white paper which advocates new thinking on the part of advertisers and content owners when it comes to the shift away from traditional TV to digital viewing online.  Andrew Lipsman, the author of the white paper, advocates for a more...

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18 June
  |   Research and Statistics

Online Video Just Keeps Growing

The IVA Number Nerds wait with breathless anticipation each month for the latest reports on how much online video is watched by Americans according to comScore. The double digit increases make us swoon, especially when they are accompanied by such descriptors as 'astonishing' or 'eye-popping'...

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23 April