Entertainment API

Entertainment API

The Entertainment API is the main database for all movie, TV and game metadata.  With data on over 190K movies, millions of TV episodes and thousands of games as well as new data constantly updating, your metadata needs will be met for any of the solutions you select.  The data is always evolving with the latest new data including daily trend ranks and more are planned to create new avenues to help users discover content.


Developers have a wealth of data to choose from and the flexibility to only have the relevant data for their project be returned.  The API was recognized as one of the top 300 APIs by API World for its infrastructure, modularity and analytics.


The Entertainment API is included in the following solutions:  TheatricalEntertainment News, Entertainment Discovery, All Access

API Highlights

  • Search: Title, Genres, PersonNames, Jobs (actor, director, etc.), Release Types (Theatrical, TV, Physical, etc.), Release Countries, External ID (IMDB, TMDB, EIDR, etc.), HasVideo (trailers/clips available), Encode Data of Video, etc.
  • Metadata:  Title, Release Dates, Budget, Revenue, Descriptions, Certification (Content MPAA, Ratings by Country), Status (In Production, Continuing Series, etc.)
  • Availabilities: Where to find content by provider.  Includes following providers: Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime, Fandango, Atom Tickets, Google Play, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, TV Networks linear schedule, etc.
  • IVA Ratings: Value of 0 to 100 on titles assigned by IVA content team
  • Daily Title Trend Rankings: Daily updates of titles that are trending on social media, by trailer plays, on TVOD, AVOD, SVOD and more.
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