June 2014

  |   Announcements

Sunset On Old Legacy Data API’s

On January 1, 2015,  IVA will no longer support the legacy API’s  listed below.  After that date it will no longer be possible to get data from them. Base URLs: Any API’s under the following paths will be shutdown. http://api.internetvideoarchive.com/Video/~ http://api.internetvideoarchive.com/Game/~ http//api.internetvideoarchive.com/Music/~ For example, these are some of the more...

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25 June
  |   White Papers

Time for Total Video

ComScore has just released a white paper which advocates new thinking on the part of advertisers and content owners when it comes to the shift away from traditional TV to digital viewing online.  Andrew Lipsman, the author of the white paper, advocates for a more...

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18 June