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Help your audiences find the movies, TV shows, and video games they crave!

IVA offers a world-class video library, seamlessly integrated with attention-grabbing images, critical metadata, and top entertainment services.

  • VIDEOS: 170,000+ trailers clips, and bonus features, was well as language and country-specific content.
  • IMAGES: 1.65 million+ stills, posters, and box art for movies, TV programs and video games.
  • METADATA: 1.55 million+ records for movies, TV series, TV episodes, and games.
  • CELEBRITY DATA: 1 million+ records for celebrities with birth date, social media links, images, & more.
  • ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES: Connect to the entertainment services you want – like recommendation engines, channel guides, show times, and ratings – right from IVA’s easy-to-use API.  Effortlessly switch providers whenever you please.

Journey to the Center of the Entertainment Ecosystem

Ready to delight and excite your content-hungry audiences?  With IVA’s Entertainment Express, the best discovery content and entertainment services are just a click away.

Entertainment Express Ecosystem

Video Services

It’s easy to find trailers on the Internet. What’s hard is the behind-the-scenes work that makes the right trailer work on any site, on any app, on every screen around the world. Every time.

Let IVA experts handle these tasks:

Get the Content

Our experienced acquisitions team works with over 1,000 copyright holders to aggregate trailers, clips, previews, interviews, and stills for movies, TV programs, and video games.

Capture the Data

Get the right trailers, right away! With asset level metadata including language spoken, language subtitled, and target country, IVA's Video API makes it easy to get the trailers you want - localized for your intended audience. Put simply, you'll always get the King Kong you want, in the language you need.

Facilitate Implementation

IVA's Entertainment Express API provides easy access to over 150,000 video assets. Our asset IDs are matched daily to every major data provider.

Encode, Host, Deliver

Formats change every year and we keep up with them all, including 1080p, 4K and Dash. We QC every video asset and store them in the cloud. We work with world-class networks around the globe to deliver trailers 24/7. The result? Our videos play on any device, anywhere.



Video Games

Video Games


Movie, TV, and Game Data

IVA offers a deep database of movie, TV program, and game titles.  Data includes directors, cast, characters, writers, producers, genres, release/air dates, run time, descriptions, ratings and more.  Enhance your own data to update, add, or augment your records to insure accuracy and save time on labor-intensive data cleansing.

Integrate With Other Services

IVA is lining up complimentary services to easily add using our Entertainment Express API.  We will be introducing ratings, show times, ticketing, retailing, recommendation engines, and more to help enrich your own service.

Expert Support

Unrivaled Service and Expert Support

Detailed documentation, plus a team that lives this stuff means you get support when you need it. Speak directly with our support team, or log in to our support portal for instant access to these valuable resources:

  • Customized implementation plans
  • Video tutorials
  • Personalized editorial concierge service
  • Weekly charts
  • Best practice white papers
  • Research analysis
  • Client newsletter

Supporting Services

  • Editorial Support: Customized editorial lists, based on themes, events, news, or people
  • Captioning and Translation: English captioning, plus translation into over a dozen languages
  • Proprietary Content Management: Encoding, storage, CMS, and access management for your own video content.
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Developer Portal

  • Documentation – Full documentation to get you going fast!
  • API Testing Tools – Quickly test the API and see the response.
  • Best Practices – Articles and frequently asked questions to help you along the way to building a great discovery experience.

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