Developer Sign-Up

IVA makes it easy for developers to work with us.  If you have not already, start with our Getting Started page to see which path will fit your needs or take a look at the documentation on the left and you’ll see that we are thorough but concise. Our FAQ has short answers to a variety of common questions. Your free developer account gives you limited access to the IVA OData API and a single application key for Entertainment Express Standard.  For test account access to a paid subscription, contact sales.

Developer Signup FAQ

Q: What does this developer ID give me access to?

A: The developer ID will give you access to our Data API’s containing all the data related to our videos. It does NOT give access to the Video API or Media Manager.

Q: What happens after I sign up?

A: You will receive an email from us with your developer ID. Check out the Quick Start Guides to see what to do next (Free, Subscription).