Data APIs

Step One in implementing IVA videos is to get the data you need by locating the Published ID’s for each title that you want. Getting the data you need is easy. We recommend using IVA’s OData API which is available to all subscribers. If you do not already have a data service, you should start by reading about Data Matching.  If you already have a data partner look under the Data Integration tree menu on the left to see if IVA is working with your data partner already and has specific documentation on the tools and specific implementation procedures for them.

OData API 2.0

Our newest version of our OData API for accessing all of IVA’s content. It is targeted for use by anyone not working with one of our preferred data partners. IVA’s OData API 2.0 connects you to our huge library of video assets, our massive ever growing metadata collection, and our amassing number of images. Our video assets include: movie trailers, TV series, season and episode trailers, video game trailers, music videos and much, much more! Our data collection is expanding daily and our API is designed to easily allow you to aggregate our data to your application or web site. IVA has partnered with one of the top companies, Microsoft, in cloud based computing (Azure) to run this data service to ensure that it is the most reliable, scalable, and portable system in the industry.

OData API 1.0 – (Legacy)

This is our cloud based web service API which offers robust queries that are intuitive and easy to use. (You may want to review what’s included for each level of subscription by visiting the services page. ) The IVA OData API 1.0 documentation includes instructions on how to access our database for Published IDs. You will also learn how to make queries for information such as content description, director, performers, video assets, related video’s and more. We’ve included some example queries and a data dictionary to provide a good idea of what information is available. The IVA OData API 1.0 has rapidly become popular because it provides data not available in our legacy Data API 2.0.

Web API – Discontinued

IVA is working on a new data API called Web API. This Restful API varies slightly from the OData API but contains the same data. It is just another option depending on what you are more comfortable with. Be sure to read and understand the data dictionary and take a look at the example queries to get a better idea of what you can do with IVA’s meta data.

Data API 2.0 (Legacy)

This is our older data API for which updates are no longer being made. Existing customers who are still using this API and need access to documentation please contact us through our support email.