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Our documentation pages provide you with the information you need to get the most from our service. The menu on the left of this page points to articles on every facet of putting trailers on your site. Use the menu to jump quickly to the subject you need.

There are two basic steps to putting trailers onto your site. First, get the data about the title you want along with its Published ID. Next, get the video for that title and put it into a player (either yours or ours.) Of course there’s much more you can do after those steps, from adding social media to advertising, but it all starts with the trailers.  Use our Getting Started guides to choose the service and implementation path that will best fit your needs.

Getting Started

If you are not sure what service is right for you be sure to check out our getting started documentation.  The getting started pages will guide you to the implementation that fits your needs.

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Additional Services

Of course, there’s a lot more that you can do through IVA. We have a number of popular ready-to-use playlists from which to choose. Subscription customers can create their own custom lists in Media Manager. Subscription customers should check out all the plug-ins available in Media Manager. There’s one for advertising networks to help you monetize your site. Connect to popular social media like Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you want to offer trailers in HD. Have your own proprietary content? Media Manager let’s subscription customers store it (no charge), browse it and access it. Need an image resized? Try our Custom Stills Service that let’s you get just the size still you need for your site.

That’s it! See? We said it was easy!