Author: Robert Kelly

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Raiders at 35

The classic RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK hit theaters 35 years ago this month, June 12, 1981, introducing moviegoers to one of the silver screen's most iconic heroes, archaeologist Indiana Jones. Here are all of Indy's big screen adventures (for now!), as well as a...

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01 June
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Movie Mutants

It's mutants, mutants, and more mutants in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, the sixth installment of the X-Men movie franchise. Genetic mutations, whether they come from within or without, can be a tricky proposition at best. Here are ten films featuring mutants of all shapes and sizes, and...

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18 May
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As Seen on TV

A financial news show is taken hostage--live on the air--in Jodie Foster's MONEY MONSTER. The movies have tended to have a cynical, dismissive--and sometimes scary--view of the rival medium, as these ten films show! Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Broadcast News A Face in the Crowd The King...

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04 May