Sep 2013  IVA adds full time social media marketing associate
Jul 2013  IVA introduces new Media Manager Dashboard
Jun 2013  IVA introduces real time analytics for all clients
May 2013 IVA introduces customized play reports for movie suppliers
Apr 2013  IVA celebrates its tenth anniversary
Mar 2013  IVA launches ‘The Buzz” with weekly charts from IVA, Flixster, and
Sept 2012 IVA adds adaptive bit-rate streaming formats HLS, HDS, HSS, and DASH to product offerings
Jul 2012 IVA totals 6000 international titles in 75 languages covering 125 countries
Feb 2012 IVA adds content acquisitions specialists for international and TV
Jan 2012 IVA chosen for Brightcove Content Exchange
Dec 2011 IVA launches 3.0 with customized entertainment alerts
Nov 2011 IVA Network passes 4 billion trailer plays, 1 billion on mobile, 350 million audience reach
Nov 2011 IVA launches the IVA Charts to track plays in the IVA Network
Oct 2011 IVA introduce Media Manager 2.0 with over 80 improvements
Aug 2011 IVA powers previews on 50+ million internet-connected devices for the home
Jul 2011 IVA moves trailer service to the cloud with OData API
Jan 2011 IVA Network passes 3 billion trailer plays to become largest online trailer service in the world
Dec 2010 IVA Network passes 700 million mobile plays
Nov 2010 IVA joins Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) to assist in industry ID standards
Oct 2010 IVA Network passes 300 million plays on mobile
Sep 2010 IVA adds BrightCove as tech partner
Jul 2010 IVA passes 2 billion trailer plays
Jun 2010 IVA Affiliate Network achieves potential audience reach of 250 million+
Mar 2010 IVA creates “Enter to Win” iPhone app for contests
Jan 2010 IVA launches green initiative with solar energy, cloud computing, paperless office, recycle programs, and energy conservation
Jul 2009 IVA adds translations in five languages
Apr 2009 IVA mobile phone requests top 13 million for first quarter 2009
Dec 2008  Movie and TV previews in IVA database top 60,000 titles
Nov 2008  Music videos in IVA database exceed 100,000
Jul 2008  Video game trailers get their own IVA site:
May 2008  IVA introduces Media Manager, a CMS designed specifically for entertainment industry content
Apr 2008  Singing Fool adds crowd-sourced recommendations
2007  IVA initiates consumer-driven data husbandry for movie and videogame trailers, TV previews, and music videos
2007  IVA consumer sites, and, hit a combined 1 billion plays
2006  IVA begins mobile video distribution with Microsoft
2004  IVA launches new 2.0  and new 2.0
2002-2003  Video Pipeline and Walt Disney litigate disagreements over copyright issues for use of movie previews online; settle lawsuits
1999  Video Pipeline launches with music videos online
1998  Video Pipeline first to host movie previews online at
1995  Video Pipeline launches industry’s first movie trailer kiosks at retailers
1987  Video Pipeline distributes first music video reels to entertainment retailers
1985 Video Pipeline first to aggregate & distribute movie trailer reels to video retailers